The Bespoke Laundry - your one stop shop for after wear care of expensive & precious garments and home furnishings.

Do you wear expensive clothes?

Do you appreciate products with high quality fabrics and embroideries?

Are you worried about giving them to your local laundry?

Do you use ornate curtains / throws / bedcovers /blankets at home?

Do you struggle with their cleaning and maintenance?

If you answer 'yes' to the above questions - we are the right people for you!



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We provide free pick up facility from your doorstep


Our cleaning process is safe, refined and state of the art


We deliver on the time committed to you

Why The Bespoke Laundry? The Bespoke Laundry? The Bespoke Laundry?

We take on what your local laundry does not attempt. We are a premium laundry service that specializes in luxury garment and home furnishing care.

Our clients' love and trust is what distinguishes our laundry service from others and makes us unique.

We have a team of highly skilled specialists who study each piece of fabric, trims, embroideries, color and design before deciding on the care that would be best suited. At The Bespoke Laundry, we reinvent the concept a laundry from just cleaning to rejuvenating - so each time you get back your garment you feel like its new!

We provide free pick up and drop facility in Delhi NCR. Give us a try to know the difference.